What the Font

by silvanacrespin

As designers or creatives in general, presentation is key. Every single detail is taken into consideration, right down to the font. The font chosen determines the tone of your “presentation”, the legibility and even as far as the personality of your subject matter.

Looking through the internet on information about font, I discovered that this more artistically based display has turned to the realms of mathematics and science to determine the best fonts for headings, body, emphasis, and legibility are. I learnt that legibility and readability, though linked are not one and the same.

Legibility:  concerned with the very fine details of typeface design (individual letters/word)

Readability: concerns the optimum arrangement and layout of whole bodies of text

An illegible type, set it how you will, cannot be made readable. But the most legible of types can be made unreadable if it is set to too wide a measure, or in too large or too small a size for a particular purpose.(Dowding 1957, p.5; in Lund, 1999 )

Now, there are also another forgotten factor, if only because it is so blindingly obvious, to take into consideration: Font personality. The actual appearance of the font, whether it be serif, sans serif, bold or italic (and not matter what the words say) emit a certain mood. Consequently it can change the efficacy of your document. I don’t write my essays in comic sans for a reason.

First of all, I have to mention that I quite like the default font setting for my theme, and as previously mentioned in the theme post it was one of the reasons I chose this theme. Nevertheless, if I were given a choice to change my fonts it would be to the following.

For the title I want something eye catching, bold, but beautiful; though perhaps still relatively professional. Nevertheless, I am very drawn to decorative titles that are more feminine. Though I originally loved the Buttermilk font:

50fonts2 copy

It is too strong, and doesn’t go with my choice of font for the body of the post. For this reason I chose a lighter font that is simpler yet still maintains the decorative features that I’m attracted to: Breathe font by Maximiliano Sproviero, 2010.

50fonts2 copy 2

For the body of my paragraph, once again, i was searching for something elegant, simple and light. I had come across a font on another website and which was exactly what I wanted:

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 2.02.26 AM

It was beautiful, readable and with minimal embellishments. After searching through Identifonts (which is brilliant in searching for fonts) I found my match: Schneider Antiqua BQ light font by Werner Schneider, 1987.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 5.03.26 AM

For more stuff on fonts and the serif v san serif argument go to these websites: